We provide best DevOps training in Bangalore. DevOps  is a term used to refer to a set of practices that emphasize the collaboration and communication of both DevOps introduction.

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Course Curriculum

DevOps Implementation

    • Waterfall/Agile/ Lean methodologies
    • DevOps implementation
    • DevOps tools
    • DevOps in the Organization
    • Implement ITIL with DevOps
    • Select DevOps Techniques and Practices

Version Control: Source Code Management

    • What is a version control system?
    • What is a distributed version control system?
    • Installation
    • Different levels of Git configuration
    • The process of staging and committing
    • The details of the commit objects
  • Configuration Management Activity
  • Configuration Control
  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Problem Management

Build Tools

  • Introduction of build tools
    • Introduction of Ant
    • Introduction of maven

Virtualization & Cloud Computing

  • Virtualization
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual bootable OS Images
  • Cloud Storage
  • SOA and Cloud
  • Risk in Cloud and DevOps security concerns
  • Introduction to AWS and AZURE
  • History and evolution of cloud
  • Cloud computing concepts
    • Cloud service models (NIST)
    • Cloud Deployment Models (NIST)
    • Characteristics and Benefits of Cloud


  • Introduction to Docker
  • Docker images
  • Docker containers
  • Build custom images from a Dockerfile
  • Push and pull images to docker hub
  • Docker volumes
  • Using Docker for Continuous Integration and Deployment process
  • Introduction to Micro services

CI – Jenkins

    • Continuous Integration with Jenkins Overview
    • Installation
    • Configure Jenkins as stand-alone application
    • Configure Jenkins on an Application Server
    • Jenkins management
    • Support for the Git version control systems
    • Different types of Jenkins Jobs
    • Setting up a Jenkins job
    • Securing Jenkins
    • Jenkins Plugin
    • Distributed builds with Jenkins
    • Best Practices for Jenkins
DevOps Tools
  • Cloud tools for DevOps
  • Software configuration management tools
  • Software build tools
  • Software Release management tools
  • Software configuration management and Release
  • Continuous Integration tools & implementation with build tools
  • Continuous Integration (CI)& Continuous Delivery(CD) Systems
  • Build and Dependency Management Systems
CD – Chef
  • Overview of Chef
  • Chef Configuration Concepts
  • Setting up – Workstation, Organization and Test Node
  • Environments
  • Roles – Creation & Addition
CD – Tool: Puppet
  • Introduction to Puppet
  • Installation and Configuration of Master server and agents
  • Managing Manifests
  • Creating and Managing modules
  • Version control with Puppet
CD – Tool: Vagrant
  • Introduction
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Provisioning with Vagrant
  • Using Vagrant
  • Using Vagrant in Chef for Testing
    • How to monitor the Servers in Nagios
    • Trigger Alerts in Nagios
    • How to apply blackouts and remove blackouts
DevOps Adoption
    • Things to Look for and Avoid
    • IT Assets Ownership
    • Viewing Applications As Products, not Projects
    • DevOps in the Enterprise
    • IT Governance
    • DevOps Adoption Steps
    • Select DevOps Techniques and Practices
    • Service Quality Metrics
  • Details of AWS
  • Big Picture of DevOps
  • Good Articles and sites on DevOps
  • Interview Questions & Answers
  • External Certification