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RelQSoft provides Online and Classroom Robotics Training in Bangalore to get good command over various RPA Tools that enables to work with visionary stakeholders to reduce costs and flexibility with accelerating enterprise processes.

Course Curriculum


Blue Prism: In this Robotics Blue Prism Training in Bangalore, Audience will acquire knowledge in business operations to be cost effective and responsive through the rapid automation to improve accuracy by creating a virtual workforce. Online Robotics BluePrism Training helps the audience to leverage skills in back office administrative processes to reduce the cost of the tasks to be done.


UI Path:  UI is simply a software automation and application integration expert. Our Real Time Expert will leverage your subject knowledge in UI Path tool with real time scenarios and best practice sessions. Robotics UiPath Training in Bangalore has great demand in the market and a huge number of audience are tending to this field to enhance professional career graph. Online Robotics UiPath Training helps the audience to gain knowledge in removing of obstacles to employee productivity and customer service.


Automation Anywhere:  In this Robotics Automation Anywhere Training in Bangalore, aspirants will acquire knowledge to help the organizations to achieve process consistency across the team or else by automating and managing workflows in an efficient way. Online Robotics Automation Anywhere Training helps the audience to gain skills to automate in virtual manner to solve complex IT business problems.


Open Span: In this Robotics OpenSpan Training in Bangalore, the audience will leverage skills in desktop automation technologies which are mainly focused on driving revenue growth, operational efficiency and customer lifetime growth. Online Robotics OpenSpan Training Our Technical Experts leverages skills in automation of work that creates efficiencies and boosts Organizational revenues.


Why Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is creating new career opportunities and various challenges in BPO/ITes providers etc. It can easily automate desktop processes and reduce repetitive tasks that enable process from reviewing claim details to updating transaction systems. The both classroom training and Online RPA Training in Open Source Technologies enhances knowledge in boosting productivity that enables full automation of end-to-end processes. The career opportunities are high for the Certified RPA Individuals to face Real world challenges to double the income.